Supaero Data Science

Information for prospective students

The Data Science program aims at the best training level. It is both a very demanding and rewarding program and we wish to make sure that the right people make it in (in everybody’s interest).
Due to the large number of applications, a numerus clausus is in place.

For ISAE-SUPAERO Grande Ecole students

The selection is made partially on your grades and rankings from 1st and 2nd year of the Grande Ecole cursus. Although we know it is clearly suboptimal (especially given the wide span of topics seen during the common core courses in 1st and 2nd year), it is a fair criterion that applies to everybody.

We will also give a specific attention to your personnal initiatives. For instance:

There is no “perfect combo” to insure your spot in the program, other than hard work, great results, autonomy and motivation.

For other ISAE-SUPAERO students

There is no link between the other curricula and the Data Science program so far. If you believe you should join us, get in touch with the head of the program you’re enrolled in.

For non-ISAE-SUPAERO students

Some classes (especially the Algorithms in Machine Learning class) might be available as Master of Science classes for students enrolled in the Operations Research MS and the Applied Mathematics MS. Get in touch with the head of the program you’re enrolled in to learn about the specific.

For PhD students

You can register for some classes as part of your doctoral training. Get in touch with us and with your doctoral training supervisor to make sure you will get credits for taking the classes. Note also that independently of the Data Science program, sometimes the “Ecoles Doctorales” ask us to give specific training sessions to PhD students; this might be an alternative for you.

Continuing and executive education

For now, the Data Science program is only open to initial training. However, some other possibilities exist: get in touch with us to discuss your specific needs.